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All Hatfield-McCoy Trails, trailhead facilities, Welcome Center and Country Roads Visitors Center are now open!


Hatfield’s Hideout Riverfront Cabins and Campground

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Hatfield’s Hideout is located just outside of Matewan, WV on the Kentucky side of the Tug River. When staying at Hatfield’s Hideout you have direct access to 3 trails: Devil Anse, Buffalo Mountain, and Rock House. If you are looking for gas, food, repair, and recovery you are within a mile of all of that as well. Hatfield’s Hideout has been a well kept secret until now. We also work closely with Trailhead Bar and Grill, meaning the owner there is our manager here at the hideout. By the way, the owner is both Hatfield and McCoy and closely related to both sides of the fued.