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Most noted for…
One Third of the largest continuous areas of the HMT network along with Pinnacle Creek & Indian Ridge trail systems and connectors. Pocahontas Trail System links up to two other Hatfield- McCoy Trail Systems—Indian Ridge and Pinnacle Creek— making for the most continuous miles of trails east of the Mississippi. The trailhead is located in Coaldale, just outside of the town of Bramwell, historically known for its numerous millionaire homes from the early 20th century. This trail system has direct access to gas, food and lodging.

Difficulty Rating

Easiest 22%
More Difficult 47%
Most Difficult 0%
Most Difficult 3%
Single Track 6%


Pocahontas Trailhead

174 Simmons Avenue, Bramwell, WV, USA

Pocahontas Trailhead
11110 Coal Heritage Rd., Bramwell, WV, 24715
Has a 2+ acre parking lot, staffed trailhead, on site restrooms, permits & merchandise.

 Hatfield General2 KW1A1584

Community Connector:

Bramwell, WV (food, fuel, lodging available)

Montcalm, WV (food, fuel, lodging available)