COVID-19 Update

All Hatfield-McCoy Trails, trailhead facilities, Welcome Center and Country Roads Visitors Center are now open!


Plan Your Trip


Are you pumped about visiting what has been called
“The best motorized trail system in the USA” ?

Don’t just get excited, get ready! Make your preparations today and use our helpful web pages to assist you in getting ready for The Adventure of a Lifetime when you come ride the world famous Hatfield-McCoy Trails!

Make sure your visit to Hatfield-McCoy Trails is fun for all by following this simple trip planning checklist:

    1. Get a Trail Permit – All riders must have a current trail pass. Permits are available from many vendors in the region. Check our lists for details!
    2. Choose a Trail – What is your riding style? Depending upon what kind of riding you are looking for, you may prefer one of our trails over the others, or you can literally make plans to ‚”ride ’em all.‚” The trail system you plan on riding can help you decide where you may want to stay on your visit to HMT country!
    3. Download the latest Trail Map for your chosen trail.
    4. Choose Your Lodging – Whether you want a state of the art hotel, or a cabin in the country, there are many options for you and your friends and family, including hotels, cabins, camp sites, lodges, or bed & breakfasts throughout our entire ATV-friendly region
    5. Plan Your Gear – Be sure you are prepared to have a safe adventure!
    6. Find Area Dealers and Things to Do – When the sun goes down, the fun doesn’t have to end in HMT country. There are plenty of other fun activities for you and your friends and family in our region. Check ’em out!
    7. Maps and Directions : How do you get here from there?
    8. Get Area Information – Get complete and updated information from of our many area Visitors Bureaus or Tourism Centers. These folks area always happy to answer any questions and help get your trip moving in the right direction!
    9. Machine Rentals