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Updates for August 2018

August 13, 2018

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There is a small, two mile, temporary closure on Pinnacle Creek Trail System. Please be aware of trail signage.

There is a temporary closure on the Indian Ridge and Pocahontas Trail Systems. Please be aware of trail signage.

On the Rockhouse Trail System, trails 45 and 25 have reopened.

The Pinnacle Creek, Indian Ridge and Pocahontas Trail Systems now have access to the City of Welch and the Town of Kimball. View current map.

The Bearwallow Trail System now has access to the Town of West Logan. View current map.

The Warrior Trail System, which will contain roughly 60 miles of trails, is on schedule to open Labor Day weekend. The Warrior Trail System will have access to the Towns of War and Gary.

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Big New Things…

June 17, 2018

Big things are happening here at Hatfield-McCoy Trails.

We have a new trail opening soon: Warrior.

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With over 70 miles our new Warrior Trail System is set to open Labor Day weekend in 2018. The trail is located in McDowell County, West Virginia and will be connected to the towns of War and Gary. Our trailhead will be located in War, West Virginia. As of right now our guys are finishing up on the construction and starting to put the signs up.


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Check out our new “7 Trails in 7 Days” video. It’s exciting, historic, appetizing and just a whole lot of fun. Each of the video’s 7 episodes takes you on a tour of one of our original 7 trails. But these videos aren’t just about the ride – they can help you enhance your adventure and plan your itinerary, as you explore the activities and amenities that can be found in and around each trail.


Our new updated website site features a modern look and feel and enhanced navigation – so you can find what you are looking for more easily. The new site houses our “7 Trails in 7 Days” video which profiles each of our original 7 trails and offers you a glimpse into the activities and amenities that can be found in and around each trail system.

We’ve improved functionality for a better user experience on both mobile and desktop platforms and made a whole host of smaller but important changes. So take your time and explore our new site, as you plan your next adventure on the Hatfield-McCoy Trail system.

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